Boarding Options


Cavallo Farms’ boarding programs offer horses and their owners excellent service and care: Standard Board; Upkeep Board; Training Board.

See Price List for all fees.

Standard Board includes:

  1. 12 x 12 well ventilated box stalls with bars and sliding doors on the front and closeable windows on the back.

  2. Twice-daily stall cleaning

  3. Ample bedding

  4. Quality hay and feed

  5. Paddocks and pasture for individual or group turnout

  6. Blanketing

  7. Scheduling of barn vet and farriers

  8. Administration of supplements and medicines

  9. On-site supervision

  10. Clean and safe environment

  11. Use of the facility and all it’s amenities

  12. Box fans during the warmer months

  13. Fly Control during the warmer months*

  14. Access to experienced horsemen for routine questions

Upkeep Board includes:

  1. Standard Board

  2. One training ride by a Cavallo Farms professional per week

Training Board includes:

  1. Standard Board

  2. A minimum of 15 training rides by a Cavallo Farms professional per month

  3. Mane pulling

  4. Trimming