Coaching the FSUS Equestrian Team

Coaching the FSUS Equestrian Team

August 21, 2021

Cavallo Farms is proud to coach the FSUS Equestrian Team, a member of the IEA ( And for all riders of all schools in our area, including home-schooled, join us on the Tallahassee Riding Academy team!



“While our teams are hosted at Cavallo Farms, riders do not need to be students at Cavallo Farms to join the FSUS Equestrian Team.  All riders that are in regular lessons with any reputable Hunt Seat riding instructor participate in two team lessons per month during the regular season to get practice riding varying mounts and for the coaches to be able to assist these riders in achieving winning equitation and communication with the horse as well as be able to best assist them during competitions.”

By Tyrone McGriff on Aug 18, 2021

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