Grooming is an Integral Part of Your Daily Routine with Your Horse

Grooming is an Integral Part of Your Daily Routine with Your Horse

August 17, 2020

Grooming is an integral part of your daily routine with your horse.  Make sure that you are taking advantage of this activity for both yourself and your horse.  Everyone tends to be rushed and many riders today rely on others to groom their horses.  Find ways to integrate this valuable time into your personal schedule with your horse.

Grooming is beneficial for the horse.  Proper currying helps rid the coat of dirt and dead hair and distributes oils throughout the coat that lead to a healthy shine.  Grooming a horse increases blood circulation and provides the horse with a massaging therapy.  Grooming helps to identify skin or hoof issues that need to be dealt with.  Grooming helps to discover injuries that need tending to.  While grooming, the horse might illustrate sore or painful areas on their body that need more investigating. Proper grooming and application of detanglers in the tail can help reduce hair loss when the tail gets caught on something in the stall or the field.

Spending time grooming is beneficial for the rider.  Spending this time with your horse creates a bonding experience that can’t be found while mounted.  Riders who are unable to spend much time with their horse out of the saddle are missing out on this important aspect of the horse/rider relationship. Grooming your horse daily familiarizes you with the baseline body condition of your horse so that you can quickly and easily identify any health issues.  Proper grooming is a physical job and therefor burns calories.   The time a rider spends on the ground; whether leading, grooming or hand grazing; allows the rider to work on the horse’s ground manners and continue the whole training of the horse and the partnership of the horse and rider.

Take advantage of the powerful tool of grooming! No matter the discipline you ride or the level at which you ride, grooming your horse is a universal act and should be practiced by every equestrian.  Seek out assistance from professionals or other resources if you need more knowledge about proper grooming.  It is a very important skill!

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