Horse Riders Have The “Right Stuff”

Horse Riders Have The “Right Stuff”

January 15, 2022

What is the “Right Stuff”? and why do Horse Riders have it?

nounInformal. Usually “the right stuff”. The necessary or ideal qualities or capabilities, as courage, confidence, dependability, toughness, or daring.

According to a study done by the German Equestrian Federation there are several character elements to horse riding. This study was conducted on 411 riders with 90% being women and 9% male. To better understand this differentiation an additional 402 non-riders of the same gender, income, and age were also surveyed.

Riders, it was found, were generally more determined, enthusiastic, structured and balanced than their non-riding counterparts. They also showed greater leadership, were more assertive and competitive, and demonstrated greater resilience.

“We have always been convinced of the positive impact of the horse on the development of children and adolescents, because it corresponds to our experiences and observations,” the federation’s secretary general, Soenke Lauterbach, said.

Equestrian associations and clubs now had solid arguments on the personal character-building benefits of riding.

The results, he said, were especially interesting for parents who wanted to find a meaningful sport for their children. Most parents wanted their children to follow a healthy pursuit that helped them develop as individuals.

Horse riders have the “right stuff”, a German study suggests

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