Practical Horseman’s Magazine Highlights Cavallo Farms Trainer

Practical Horseman’s Magazine Highlights Cavallo Farms Trainer

June 18, 2022

“We want to honor the unsung heroes of our sport—trainers who work tirelessly to improve the education of both riders and horses. And we need your help! Nominate a trainer for Practical Horseman’s 2022 Trainer of the Year award. The trainer must strive for excellence in the disciplines of hunters, jumpers, eventing, and dressage. “

Top 10

Annette Danehy, top nomination by Vanessa Calvin
Chase DeMarco, top nomination by Amy Hunsicker
Clare Haag, top nomination by Angel Crisanti
Clarissa Wilmerding, top nomination by Karli Pinkowsky
Connie Conis, top nomination by Tonya Lorinser
Debbie Hubbard, top nomination by Gail M Staines
Elizabeth Oellers, top nomination by Deidre Huckins
Jackie Wood, top nomination by Chrisanne Mortensen
Janet Cawley, top nomination by Delana McFarlin
Lynne Hargreaves Weissbard, top nomination by Laura Emert

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