Boarding & Training

Boarding & Training

Custom Boarding & Training for Every Type of Horse

Similar to our other services, we believe boarding should be a solution that is customized to your specific needs. At Cavallo Farms, we’re happy to offer different boarding plans to ensure your horse receives the care that it needs year-round. Our full-time barn manager, Cesar, will ensure your horse is comfortable, happy and healthy while in our care.

Boarding with us also means full access to everything our facility offers. Multiple riding areas guarantee that you and your horse won’t get bored or crowded.

Board Plans

Standard Board

  • Your personal stall
    • 12 x 12 well-ventilated box stall with bars and sliding doors on the front and closeable windows on the back. Locker included with each stall.
  • Twice-daily stall cleaning
  • Ample bedding
  • Quality hay and feed
  • Paddocks and pasture for individual or group turnout
  • Blanketing
  • Scheduling of barn vet and farriers
  • Administration of supplements and medicines
  • On-site supervision
  • Clean and safe environment
  • Use of the facility and all its amenities
  • Box fans during the warmer months
  • Access to experienced horsemen for routine questions

Upkeep Board

  • Standard Board
  • One (1) weekly training ride by a Cavallo Farms professional

Upkeep Plus Board

  • Standard Board
  • Two (2) weekly training rides by a Cavallo Farms professional

Training Board

  • Standard Board
  • A minimum of 15 training rides by a Cavallo Farms professional per month
  • Mane pulling
  • Trimming


With our proven training programs, you can be confident that your horse will be getting the best coaching it needs to be successful at its job. We offer four (4) different types of training programs to make sure your horse is getting exactly what it needs. Whether your horse needs periodic tune-ups, show ring mileage or is getting started with the basics, Cavallo Farms can educate your horse and maintain its training.

Individual Rides
This option is used by many of our clients to either assess their horse’s current state of training or to fix minor issues their horse may be struggling with. By having our professionals gauge your horse’s current training, you can be sure to classify the level of training your horse needs before choosing the option that best fits your needs.

Upkeep Board
As our most popular service, our upkeep board program ensures that your horse is maintaining its skills with a professional ride once a week. By having a professional on our team ride your horse once a week, you can be sure that your horse has the “tune-ups” it needs to uphold skills that they’ve already mastered while discouraging any problems before they escalate into habits.

Training Board
Our training board program is the best way to ensure your horse is getting exactly the training it needs, even if it has never had training before. Whether starting a green horse, fixing a problem or preparing for a show or sale, our training board will get your horse the training it needs to get on track. This program includes a minimum of 15 rides by a professional each month, providing a customized curriculum to your horse’s specific needs. Most horses in this program have an average of five (5) rides per week, so you can rest assured knowing your horse will be getting the training it needs on a consistent basis. Mane pulling and trimming are also included with this service.

Show Rides
This option is great to give your horse the confidence it needs to shine in the show ring! Show off your horse’s skills by having one of our professional riders take your horse to competition.